How Long Is the Present

How Long Is the Present

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Poet, performance artist, and critic David Antin invented the a€œtalk poem.a€ He insists that his poems be oral and created in front of a live audience, in a specific time and place, with the transcription of the performance adjusted for print by presenting it not in prose but in clumps of words without justified margins or punctuation, peppered with white spaces that indicate pauses. In this book, editor Stephen Fredman provides a critical introduction to a selection of talk poems from three out-of-print collections, accompanied by a new interview with the author. As Fredman points out, Antina€™s work is a form of conceptual writing that has influenced generations of experimental poets and prose writers. His profound and humorous talk poems are essential for classroom and scholarly discussions of the arts in modernism and postmodernisma€”offering as well an invitation to strengthen the ties between the sciences and the humanities.... to do and a friend of mine a woman i knew called me up and said listen theres an arabic movie playing an egyptian ... as i later learned was a lebanese arabic puerto rican italian neighborhood it was an egyptian movie i was learning arabic anbsp;...

Title:How Long Is the Present
Author:David Antin
Publisher:UNM Press - 2014-12-01


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