How Many Licks?

How Many Licks?

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How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop? How many people are having sex at this moment? How long would it take a monkey on a typewriter to produce the plays of Shakespeare? For all those questions that keep you up at night, herea€™s the way to answer them. And the beauty of it is that ita€™s all approximate! Using Enrico Fermia€™s theory of approximation, Santos brings the world of numbers into perspective. For puzzle junkies and trivia fanatics, these 70 word puzzles will show the reader how to take a bit of information, add what they already know, and extrapolate an answer. Santos has done the impossible: make math and the multiple possibilities of numbers fun and informative. Can you really cry a river? Is it possible to dig your way out of jail with just a teaspoon and before your life sentence is up? Taking an academic subject and using it as the prism to view everyday off-the-wall questions as math problems to be solved is a natural step for the lovers of sudoku, cryptograms, word puzzles, and other thought-provoking games.Thata#39;s right, if we had a billion dollars back in the time of Jesus, wea#39;d still be spending it today because one billion is one ... The power tells us how many spaces we have to move the decimal point if we tried to write the whole number out.

Title:How Many Licks?
Author:Aaron Santos
Publisher:Running Press - 2009-08-01


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