How Memory Works--And How to Make It Work for You

How Memory Works--And How to Make It Work for You

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qDo you wish you could remember the names of people you just met? What if birthdays, anniversaries, and online passwords rarely slipped your mind? Robert Madigan is an expert in the qmemory artsq--practical, proven methods for improving the ability to retain and use information. Like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, it's important to exercise memory in simple ways every day. Dr. Madigan explains the science of how memory works and presents innovative mnemonic devices and visualization techniques that will help everyone--from students to seniors--sharpen their mental skills; avoid embarrassing lapses; and remember faces, appointments, facts, numbers, lists, and much moreq--When I introduced memory practice in Chapter 4, I suggested spacing practice out, and I offered Dominic Oa#39;Briena#39;s Rule of Five as one way ... It yields good memory performance in the short run and has saved many a student from a bad grade.

Title:How Memory Works--And How to Make It Work for You
Author:Robert Madigan
Publisher:Guilford Publications - 2015-01-07


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