How Not to Kill Your Houseplants

How Not to Kill Your Houseplants

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This book boldly goes where no plant book has gone before: to the hard-hitting facts of what works and what doesna€™t worka€”when it comes to growing lush, beautiful plants that bring joy and beauty into our lives. It does this by exploring the most common causes of plant death: Choosing the wrong plants in the first place Over-watering them The ills of bad soil The ill-conceived transplants The fertilizing issue The bugs issue The I-cana€™t-bear-to-prune-my-plants syndrome And more! In so doing, this book debunks myths left and righta€”like that disastrous water once a week thing. It throws out the silly plant hypea€”like that nonsense you find in any other plant book about how fussy African violets are. This down-to-earth guide is chock-full of vivid information, humorous examples and analogies. In short this foolproof guide is guaranteed to turn around the worst plant killer!Place this plant in the much preferred (orzg/ot) Moderate Light, and it will say a grateful thank you by producing a steady stream of ... The shade-tolerant corn plant will do perfectly all right in the dim light, but give it some good Moderate Light, and it will send up a spike of delicate ... Even the snake plant flowers when put in bright light. So, if you have a choice, by all means always opt for that brighter light.

Title:How Not to Kill Your Houseplants
Author:Ann Pregosin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-08-01


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