How Ottawa Spends, 1991-1992

How Ottawa Spends, 1991-1992

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This volume is the twelfth in the series on federal government spending and policy performance compiled by Carleton University's School of Public Administration. This edition assesses the future of Canada in the post-Meech, post-free trade era. Four articles concentrate on the increasing fragmentation of Canada after the failure of the Meech Lake Accord, and each of the others ponders various topics in the context of an era when the nature of the federation seems very much in questions. Authors from western Canada, the Atlantic region and Quebec explore the changing political landscapes in their areas, while others consider the shifting realities in aboriginal-state relations. Abortion, race relations, federal grants to interest groups, benefits to the elderly, and telecommunications policy are all reviewed as aspects of the qmatureq agenda of the Progressive Conservative party in power. Taken as a group, these articles provide a multifaceted and sometimes surprising evaluation of government performance.Le pAcnible Acchec de la#39;accord du lac Meech a dAcmontrAc le danger inhAcrent An ce style de politique fAcdAcrale. ... the Tories came to power, did little to repair earlier damage to social programs, or to remedy the widening divisions in the country.

Title:How Ottawa Spends, 1991-1992
Author:Frances Abele
Publisher:McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP - 1991-05-15


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