How Possession Can Help You Lose Weight

How Possession Can Help You Lose Weight

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qI lost so much weight I could float above my bed!q - Lida Blair The hilarious new spoof diet book from New York Times bestselling author, Chris Dolley. It's a fun, quick read (about an hour) covering everything from 'the science of possession' to 'Crapper Clinic's Demon Dating Service' that ensures clients are possessed by the demon most compatible with their slimming needs. This is the diet book that everyone is talking about. Some of you may have read about the clinical trials undertaken by Stepford University - one of the leading universities on the PLANET with more likes on Facebook than Harvard and SIX times that of Stanford! Or maybe you watched Chelsee Chambers test the diet on Extreme Celebrity Weight Loss. Or caught the Projectile Vomiting video on YouTube... The Possession Diet is the ONLY diet guaranteed 110% effective by the FDA (Federal Demon Association) ... and it's ALMOST NEVER FATAL! Read the testimonials. Read about Astral Exercising and Head Spinning. Try the recipes... If you want to know how to lose OVER THIRTY POUNDS in ONE day (without using a chainsaw) this is the book for you! REVIEWS: qHow Possession Can Help You Lose Weight is perfect if you're looking for a fun, quick read. A hilarious satire of the dieting industry, the scary thing is that it could almost be advertising for a real diet plan ... If you're looking for a funny, fast read, this book will keep you laughing.q - LibraryThing qThis was hilarious! Think about one of those late-night television commercials and then make it a book, and that's sort of the idea behind this. I laughed like crazy through the whole thing.q - Katy SDemon. Dating. Questionnaire. To findyour perfect match, fill in the questionnaire belowand send it to yournearest Crapper Clinic. 1. Do you like long walks? Maybe at night, running barefoot through woods? Orskipping through graveyards ? 2.

Title:How Possession Can Help You Lose Weight
Author:Chris Dolley
Publisher:Book View Cafe - 2013-04-01


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