How the War Was Won

How the War Was Won

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qHow the War Was Wonq describes the major role played by the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front in defeating the German army. In particular, the book explains the methods used in fighting the last year of the war, and raises questions as to whether mechanical warfare could have been more widely used. Using a wide range of unpublished material from archives in both Britain and Canada, Travers explores the two themes of command and technology as the style of warfare changed from late 1917 through 1918. He describes in detail the British army's defense against the German 1918 spring offensives, analyzes command problems during these offensives, and offers an overriding explanation for the March 1918 retreat. He also fully investigates the role of the tank from Cambrai to the end of the war, and concludes that, properly used, the tank could have made a greater contribution to victory. qHow the War Was Wonq explodes many myths and advances newand controversial arguments. It will be essential reading for military historians and strategists, and for those interested in the origins of mechanical warfare.Command and Technology in the British Army on the Western Front: 1917-1918 T.H.E. Travers. 87 88 89 90 ... 45/114; Battery Commander (21 Division Artillery) to Edmonds, no date, Cab. ... 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 Only Captain Garrard.

Title:How the War Was Won
Author:T.H.E. Travers
Publisher:Routledge - 2002-11-01


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