How to Beat Cyberbullying

How to Beat Cyberbullying

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According to the National Crime Prevention Association, cyberbullying affects about half of the teens in the United States. Cyberbullies use electronic devices such as computers and cell phones to embarrass, harass, or threaten someone. They might attack over and over, day or night. They use words or pictures to scare or taunt their targets at home, school, and many other places. Victims feel threatened because they cannot escape the attacks and may not know their attacker. In this insightful book, teens can learn smart ways to protect themselves when they use electronic devices and how to stand up for themselves, friends, and others. They also explore cyberbullying and the law, and what schools are doing about cyberbullying prevention.Bystanders are not bullies or victims, but they witness cyberbullying taking place. They may know it is wrong but not take any action to stop the bully or to help the victim. By their inaction, they give approval for the cyberbully to continue his oranbsp;...

Title:How to Beat Cyberbullying
Author:Judy Monroe Peterson
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2012-07-15


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