How to Better Hate Your Job

How to Better Hate Your Job

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Jobs are coffins of individuality. The more jobs we are screaming for, the more jobs will be hated. Indeed it is natural that a job, or some aspects of it, is destined to be despised: If you have a job without any aggravations, you don't have a job, said Malcolm Forbes. If you try to love a hated job, you are a hopeless self-help junkie. If you love your job, you have even greater problems. Those who hate their work have options and the freedom to explore alternatives. People who love their jobs don't. The usage of the term love as a description of your relationship with work is inflationary and absurd, anyway. You love your spouse, your children, and your job? Odd, to say the least. Jobs will always be hated, and you have a choice to do so in a frustrating way or with increasing satisfaction. There is no way to love a hated job. There are, however, infinite ways to hate it better. Unadulterated hatred for your job is a cornucopia of creativity and choices.Here is the kicker: the more you want to be-systematically upgraded with education, meaningful work, g- brats, your ... Save the damned world if you must, but do it for the fun of it, not because you feel the sick need to make a name for yourself.

Title:How to Better Hate Your Job
Author:Egbert Sukop
Publisher:Egbert Sukop - 2009-03


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