How to Build Max-Performance Hemi Engines

How to Build Max-Performance Hemi Engines

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How to Build Max-Performance Chrysler Hemi Engines details how to extract even more horsepower out of these incredible engines. All the block options from street versus race, new to old, iron versus aluminum are presented. Full detailed coverage on the reciprocating assembly is also included. Heads play an essential role in flowing fuel and producing maximum horsepower, and therefore receive special treatment. Author Richard Nedbal explores major head types, rocker arm systems, head machining and prep, valves, springs, seats, porting quench control and much more. All the camshaft considerations are discussed as well, so you can select the best specification for your engine build. All the induction options are covered, including EFI. Aftermarket ignitions systems, high-performance oiling systems and cooling systems are also examined. How to install and set up power adders such as nitrous oxide, superchargers, and turbochargers is also examined in detail.While this custom crank scraper is overkill for a street motor, ita#39;s an example of whatyou can do when you want every last horsepower out of your Hemi. Here we ... Gone are the days when you To go one step further here is a cam shield so that no oil from the lifter would drip onto the rotating ... But like most other components, there are pros and cons to choosing full synthetic oil. ... Wiping Out a Cam and the New Oil Problem: Since the EPA mandated a change in the amount of zinc andanbsp;...

Title:How to Build Max-Performance Hemi Engines
Author:Richard Nedbal
Publisher:CarTech Inc - 2009


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