How to Control your Financial Destiny

How to Control your Financial Destiny

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If you want to achieve financial independence, retire early, or simply have better investing outcomes, there are some important things you need to know right now. Australian references. Learn why Lotto is not going to fulfil your money dreams. Find out why you are the one to create your financial plan. Discover how to protect your wealth. Learn why leveraging makes one wealth vehicle a better option. Why paying down your home loan first, before investing, may not be the right thing to do. Read the simple rules of investing success... to create wealth for yourself instead of for others. Australian super-saver Jennifer Lancaster explains the principles of saving and investing, using her common sense style. She urges you to create your own financial plan. It's in your hands, not that of a financial planner, property spruiker, or broker.investment schemes in 2009, helping to put scheme members interests first in scheme collapses. ... Many of us are now sacrificing part of our salary into superannuation since it is taxed at 15% (rather than around 30 or 40 percent) and any earnings are also taxed ... At some companies they allow a#39;salary packaginga#39; i.e. if your business use of a laptop, mobile phone, or car is included in your pretax salary.

Title:How to Control your Financial Destiny
Author:Jennifer Lancaster
Publisher:Power of Words - 2015-03-04


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