How to do Maths so Your Children Can Too

How to do Maths so Your Children Can Too

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Does the sight of your child's maths homework fill you with dread? Do you look for any excuse when they ask you to explain equations, fractions or multiplication? Maths can often leave children - and parents - perplexed. How to do Maths so Your Children Can Too works through maths topics with a simple step-by-step approach, explaining the new ways of teaching maths that confuse so many parents. This book will show you how to: - Master 'number bonds' and 'number lines' - Divide by 'chunking' - Multiply using 'the grid method' - Work with fractions, percentages and ratios - Understand number and place value Bridging the gap between primary and secondary school - when children often struggle - and packed full of simple, accessible examples, this essential guide will banish your maths phobia and take the pain out of homework time.However, just knowing that division is simply the inverse (or opposite) ofmultiplieation can help a lot. And having a good grounding in ... unfamiliar to you, you may also like to follow the stages in a step-by-step fashion. In this chapter you willanbsp;...

Title:How to do Maths so Your Children Can Too
Author:Naomi Sani
Publisher:Random House - 2014-04-30


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