How to Ease Anxiety and Panic Attacks and Free Yourself from them

How to Ease Anxiety and Panic Attacks and Free Yourself from them

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Hello, About 20% of the population will be confronted by this at least once in their lives... What do you do when the first symptoms (dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing) strike and get worse (fear of fainting, loss of muscle tone, the feeling that you're about to die) ? This workbook presents: -10 defusion techniques to better manage the onset of a panic attack and prevent its escalation, -16 preventative exercises that will reduce the number of panic attacks and your anxiety or worry. This workbook examines only effective, natural methods that you can practice for and by yourself. Having battled and overcome panic attacks in the past, I'd like to share my experience on the subject with you. To reduce, get relief, and then say good-bye to your anxiety and panic attacks once and for all, take yourself in hand and follow the exercises and recommendations contained in this book. Summary: Part 1: Some necessary psychological considerations (in layman's terms) Part 2: Defusion techniques a€“ Preventative exercises a€“ Lifestyle changes Part 3: Application in context (Suggestions on ways to apply the techniques based on a case study) Good reading and, above all, good practice, Philippe Brioud PS: Here are translated customer reviews from the french version : q Excellent. Thank's for the advices, they are very efficient ! q - Simon D. q Nice to read. I recognize myself in the panic attacks described in this book. This made me realize that I wasn't the only one living them and that I could be in a better health with several techniques of life to regain the confidence in myself. I recommand this simple book for a growing awareness of what is the anxiety in our lives. Good reading. Simple but useful. q - Client A.Only use this technique during an episode of hyperventilation, and then only to calm it down. However, a panic attack can continue even after the hyperventilation subsides. Since this technique does not calm a panic attack, it is of no use whenanbsp;...

Title:How to Ease Anxiety and Panic Attacks and Free Yourself from them
Author:Philippe Brioud
Publisher:Philippe Brioud - 2015-04-17


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