How To Examine A Thesis

How To Examine A Thesis

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AmWhat is involved in examining a research-based higher degree? AmWhat are the roles of the internal and external examiners? AmWhat are the hidden agendas of higher degree examining? AmWhat are the essential ingredients of a 'good' viva? This handbook offers a revealing insight into the written - and unwritten - rules and regulations of higher degree examination in the United Kingdom today. Addressed directly to the examiners, it contains a step-by-step account of the different stages of the examination process in order to provide an insiders' guide into what to expect before, during and after the oral examination. How to Examine a Thesis covers important issues such as: AmThe power-relations between the two (or more) examiners AmHidden agendas and foul play AmExamples of guidelines and regulations across different institutions AmAdvice on MPhil as well as doctoral examinations This book is essential reading for all higher degree examiners but is also of importance to those supervising, and studying for, higher degrees. Moreover, although the book focuses primarily on current practices in the United Kingdom, comparisons are drawn with continental Europe, Australia and the United States. Research degree examiners, supervisors and students throughout the world will find the book of considerable interest.While for science subjects methodological innovation might constitute the major claim of the thesis to a#39;originalitya#39;, many ... Until recently, for example, it was common for English literature scholars to claim that their subject was essentiallyanbsp;...

Title:How To Examine A Thesis
Author:Pearce, Lynne
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education (UK) - 2004-12-01


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