How to Fake Real Beauty

How to Fake Real Beauty

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Celebrity makeup artist and TV makeover specialist Ramy Gafni knows no one is born perfect, not even his famous clients. In How to Fake Real Beauty, the makeup guru shares his secrets to enhancing a womana€™s natural beauty while a€œfakinga€ what she doesna€™t have. Some people are thought to be born with flawless features, but many of these gifts are acquired, and the quickest, easiest way is to create the illusion using makeup and a little moxie. The power of makeup goes a long way toward helping you fake anythinga€”a clear complexion, fuller lips, brighter eyesa€”whatever you want! Ita€™s all a matter of knowing how! In How to Fake Real Beauty, Ramy shares the tried-and-true tricks of the trade. So prepare for the red carpeta€”whether ita€™s the one in your head or an actual awards show. This guide will teach you how to get ready for your close up and confidently take center stage in any situation.Think in terms of straight lines: When removing hairs from below the eyebrow, do it with an eye toward creating a straight ... getting sparser with age, for example, youa#39;ll wish you could grow back those laser-removed hairs, but wona#39;t be able to.

Title:How to Fake Real Beauty
Author:Ramy Gafni
Publisher:Running Press - 2015-06-02


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