How to Fake Romance

How to Fake Romance

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By nature, men are not romantic creatures, nor do they see the need for continued romance. They tolerate the concepts during the chase, but once they settle into a relationship, little thought is devoted to romancea€”except by their significant others. Entertaining and informative, How to Fake Romance speaks about romance to men of all ages and at all places in their live-in, committed relationships. It presents ninety pragmatic tips for keeping the flame alive in a wide variety of interesting and unique ways. Organized into short, bite-sized pieces, it illustrates how a man can continue to bring the excitement back into his love life. Each idea is expanded with a list of potential pitfalls and ways to get added mileage from the effort. Because todaya€™s couples are busy and short of disposable income, How to Fake Romance is geared toward real men who operate on tight schedules, limited budgets, and innate aversions to the word a€œromance.a€ The ideas are designed to be completed in ten minutes or less and for the fewest dollars possiblea€”and are guaranteed to sweep that special someone off her feet time and time again.short, easy-to-read format. Most men should have no trouble following the instructions. To fake romance well enough to convince your partner, you need to do something romantic one to three times a month. Let us assume that you will do anbsp;...

Title:How to Fake Romance
Author:Martin VanWoudenberg
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-11-24


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