How to Find your Spirit Animal

How to Find your Spirit Animal

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Early humans recognised a profound and spiritual kinship with other species. Hunters gave thanks and even apologies to their prey. And when shamans made their inner journeys between human and spirit realms to bring back healing wisdom they applied on behalf of the tribe, animals often served as their guides and their companions. In more recent times the idea of the animal daemon has been popularised by Philip Pullman in his internationally bestselling trilogy of novels, His Dark Materials. This illuminating book explains how to connect with and channel the unique powers of 50 different spirit animals - a menagerie of creatures, from the wise owl and crafty fox to the tranquil turtle and bold lion. Each entry provides a detailed description of the animal's personality, mythology and innate powers. Helpful text provides readers with clues and meditations for discovering their own spirit animal, as well as information on how other animals can be called on to help with specific aims - from overcoming fear to finding your true destiny. This book is the perfect primer for those seeking access to the wisdom of the animal kingdom.proboscis inside the bloom to draw nectar, its wings a blur. Some legends relate ... These fairylike creatures are called hummingbirds because of the sound that their tiny, rapidly beating wings make as they hover. ... Not easily subdued, hummingbird spirit visits the sun daily in its constant struggle to bring light to the world.

Title:How to Find your Spirit Animal
Author:David Carson
Publisher:Duncan Baird Publishers - 2014-10-16


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