How to Fossilize Your Hamster

How to Fossilize Your Hamster

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Outrageously entertaining and educational experiments from the team behind the phenomenal international bestseller Does Anything Eat Wasps? How can you measure the speed of light with a bar of chocolate and a microwave oven? To keep a banana from decaying, are you better off rubbing it with lemon juice or refrigerating it? How can you figure out how much your head weighs? Mick O'Hare, who created the New Scientist's popular science sensations Does Anything Eat Wasps? and Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?, has the answers. In this fascinating and irresistible new book, O'Hare and the New Scientist team guide you through one hundred intriguing experiments that show essential scientific principles (and human curiosity) in action. Explaining everything from the unusual chemical reaction between Mentos and cola that provokes a geyser to the geological conditions necessary to preserve a family pet for eternity, How to Fossilize Your Hamster is fun, hands-on science that everyone will want to try at home.A volcanic eruption of cola squirting vertically out of the bottle. ... The initial theory was that the gum arabic and gelatin in Mentos break down the surface tension in the cola that normally ... substances in the rice or pasta disrupt the mesh of water molecules at the surface of the liquid, making it easier for bubbles to form.

Title:How to Fossilize Your Hamster
Author:Mick O'Hare
Publisher:Macmillan - 2008-01-22


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