How to Get Ideas

How to Get Ideas

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A revised and expanded edition of a bestselling classic--more than 90, 000 copies sold of the first edition This new edition includes to completely new chapters Cleverly weaves together exercises, stories, quotations, and illustrations to offer a fun and practical guide to idea generation How to Get Ideas shows you--no matter your age or skill, your job or training--how to come up with more ideas, faster and easier. You'll learn to condition your mind to become qidea-prone, q utilize your sense of humor, develop your curiosity, visualize your goals, rethink your thinking, and overcome your fear of rejection. Jack Foster's simple five-step technique for solving problems and getting ideas takes the mystery and anxiety out of the idea-generating process. It's a proven process that works. This expanded edition of the inspiring and enlightening classic features new information on how to turn failures to your advantage and how to create a rich, idea-inducing environment. Dozens of new examples and real life stories show that anyone can learn to get more and better ideas.As long as you assume (as most people do) that the lines must not extend beyond the boundaries set by the outer line of dots, the ... Then Ia#39;d say, a€œOK you guys, now watch the world champion long-distance paper airplane builder in action.

Title:How to Get Ideas
Author:Jack Foster, Larry Corby
Publisher:Berrett-Koehler Publishers - 2007-06-01


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