How to Get Laid In Less Than Three Dates

How to Get Laid In Less Than Three Dates

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This book is intended for men who are trying to bang a dime without wasting time. This is not your average dating guide. With these instructions, youa€™ll be able to fuck your dream girl! But, if you are satisfied with having one night stands with the pretty secretary who giggles at your jokes and watches you from afar a€“ good for you! On the other hand, if you are tired of the annoying, insecure little girl who you direct towards the Rejection Hotline after a one night roll in the hay, then continue reading. Throughout this book, you will utilize helpful hints from a womana€™s perspective, and become skilled at understanding how confident, independent women perceive men. In the end, you will look forward to sampling your new commentary and facing the challenge of attracting a woman you would be proud to be with.And believe that if she really likes you, the first thing shea#39;ll do when she gets home is try to find a picture of you online to show ... She wona#39;t enjoy being a€œ Wednesdaya€ after you explain that you go out with an average of three girls a week. Also, dona#39;t get too heartfelt about what youa#39;re looking for in a woman. We do love a man who can communicate his feelings, but wea#39;re not looking for that on a first date.

Title:How to Get Laid In Less Than Three Dates
Author:TayloR Puck, M.S., M.Ed.
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-11-12


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