How to Improve Triumph TR7, TR7-V8 & TR8

How to Improve Triumph TR7, TR7-V8 & TR8

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Using his own wealth of hands-on experience combined with input from many owners a aided by the top TR7 a TR7 V8 specialists on both sides of the Atlantic, Roger Williams explains in great detail how to increase the performance a improve the aesthetics, handling a braking of the TR7, existing TR7-V8 conversions a the original TR7 V8. Balanced improvements for fast road, ultra fast road/rally, track-day or even more serious motorsport are all explored.The only similarity with the Ford 302 is that the distributor is on the front of the engine, although in 1995 Ford introduced a coil pack ignition system, which eliminated the distributor alltogether. ... automatic transmission and a 1984 Ford Mustang 7.5in axle, incorporating a limited slip differential and a 3.08:1 ratio. ... In my view it required more than spacers under the front anti-roll bar to resolve the problem.

Title:How to Improve Triumph TR7, TR7-V8 & TR8
Author:Roger Williams
Publisher:Veloce Publishing Ltd - 2015-06-09


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