How to Keep a Secret for Detectives

How to Keep a Secret for Detectives

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Riley may seem like your average teenager, except for one thing; she is secretly working for the AUDA, an undercover detective association for teenagers around the world. But unlike most of the detectives, she is recruited a year later than everyone else and finds herself struggling to keep up with them. After attending the annual AUDA training camp called Camp Gumshoe, she embarks on her first case to an elite high school near Chicago, Illinois, where she and her friends must find proof that a certain suspect with a difficult past and a bad reputation is really behind the school's vandalisms. Throughout the story, Riley faces challenges that will test her determination, courage, friendship, knowledge, confidence, and even her flirting skills to prove that she can be a top-notch detective. But there is one test that is the most difficult of them all; can she keep a secret?a€œBring it on, Mr. Lean Like a Cholo, a€ Ryan said, getting up in his face. I rolled my eyes at the two of them obviously trying to show each other up. Boys will be boys. Eric walked over to our group. a€œCheyenne, do you want to dance?a€ Ryan andanbsp;...

Title:How to Keep a Secret for Detectives
Author:Jessica A. Gunderson - 2008-11-22


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