How to Live in the Kingdom of God

How to Live in the Kingdom of God

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Confusion abounds among Christians today because so many believe they must postpone the reality of the Kingdom of God until some distant future or that they must wait until they die. How to Live in the Kingdom of God addresses the questions of what, where, when and even why with regards to the Kingdom of God. Believers today, as they enter the millennium, hunger for the deeper understandings about the Kingdom that this book offers. The Scriptures declare the Kingdom of God is a present reality in which we can partake. Readers of this book will learn the three levels of Christian maturity, how they relate to the three feasts and how to apply them to their daily Christian walk.Or suddenly wea#39;re unemployeda€”how do we walk that outa€”the finances, the budgeting, and the heartache? On the other hand, suppose we get a much higher paying job? Do we increase our standard of living? Do we waste money onanbsp;...

Title:How to Live in the Kingdom of God
Author:Richard Rundell
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-04-01


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