How To Lose Weight with Slim Thinking

How To Lose Weight with Slim Thinking

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How to lose weight and keep it off is a question to which most of us would love to know the answer. How many of us have started diets and weight loss programs only to give up after just a few weeks? Leta€™s face it wea€™ve all done it several times over. The truth is over 90% of dieters fail! But, why is the failure rate so high? How to Lose Weight with Slim Thinking puts forward several reasons why so many of us experience regular weight loss failure, and then takes a look at whata€™s really going on inside our heads to come up with some real reasons why so many people fail at weight loss. Within this book youa€™ll find some insights into: a€c Why so many of us keep hopping from one fad diet to another, even though we know theya€™re not going to work. a€c Why so many people seem to think they can overturn years of unhealthy eating in just a couple of weeks a€c Why each failure makes it more difficult to succeed next time around a€c Why starting a weight loss campaign a€˜hopinga€™ to lose a€˜some weighta€™ is a guaranteed recipe for failure a€c Why ita€™s not just about what you eat If Weight Loss Was Easy We Would All Be Slim We all know weight loss isna€™t easy, but is it really as hard as it seems? Or is it the case that wea€™ve become more or less mentally programmed for weight loss failure? After all, how many of us actually start a weight loss program believing wea€™re really going to succeed? This book makes a compelling case that the way we think is certainly a contributing factor to such a high rate of dieting failure, but as the title suggests, there is a solution. Ita€™s been said that a€˜if you believe you can succeed, you will succeeda€™. How to Lose Weight with Slim Thinking will show you how you can change your mental programming, show you how you can change the way you think about weight loss, and how you can start to believe you can succeed. And when that happens youa€™ll find youa€™re much more likely to find the motivation to get the result you really want!If you aresomewhat activealready but not quite fit enough to withstand abrisk pace, youmay need to gradually workyour way upto the maximum workout. How Many Calories Will You Burn? You dona#39;t need a degree in Sports Science toworkoutanbsp;...

Title:How To Lose Weight with Slim Thinking
Author:Peter Ford
Publisher:Peter Ford -


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