How to Make the Right Decision

How to Make the Right Decision

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FROM THE ACCLAIMED IIMA BUSINESS BOOKS SERIES How can you better manage your inventory by looking at the past movement of your stock? How can you ensure that your customer mailings target the right people to make the most impact? How do you go about hiring the appropriate people for a job profile? Business analytics, the method by which data around a business is analysed to better determine the choices we make, is your answer. In this accessible, user-friendly book, Professor Arnab Laha explains the relevance of this growing field in business and looks at its uses in marketing, finance, operations and HR. He also devotes a special section to setting up business analytics for your workplace. With examples and case studies, How to Make the Right Decision is the most useful book you can buy for yourself and your business.Marketing mix refers to a mix of levers that marketeers use in order to influence the sales volume. The mix includes the four traditional Ps of marketing strategy, namely product, pricing, promotion (advertisements) and place (distribution).

Title:How to Make the Right Decision
Author:Arnab K. Laha
Publisher:Random House India - 2015-05-24


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