How to Manage in a Flat World ePub eBook

How to Manage in a Flat World ePub eBook

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In todaya€™s a€œflata€ world, you must get the best from teams that span not just offices, but continents: teams of unprecedented diversity and complexity. Leading those teams, you must deliver better results faster and with fewer resources. Conventional management techniques just wona€™t do the job anymore. You need a radically new approach to management: one thata€™s more fluid, more agile, and far less hierarchical. How to Manage in a Flat World teaches you that new approach. Drawing on hard-won lessons from todaya€™s most successful global managers, this book covers both high-level concepts and hands-on techniques. Youa€™ll find best practices for everything from building trust to choosing the right times to travela€beven maintaining a healthy work/life balance when youa€™re leading a team thata€™s operating 24/7! The new flat world has both high levels of interconnectivity facilitated by technology and high levels of dispersion within teams and companies, with colleagues often working in different offices, or even different parts of the world. This demands a new set of skills and tools of you as a manager. How to Manage in a Flat World gives you the ten strategies you need to be a high-performing manager. The key is to communicate and collaborate closely with your team, even if you don't see them very often. This practical book includes interviews with managers around the world, and will help the reader make the best use of technology; establish a work-life balance for yourself; know when you need to have face-to-face meetings; lead and motivate your team, wherever they are; create a culture of trust and motivation that will lead to higher performance; and prepare and adapt to change so that you are not left behind.... give me a€“you have tobe careful if someone is currently employed, but even then there are waysin whichyou can drill down. Igeta lot of calls saying that Ia#39;m listed as a referee, but Ia#39;m called to give a reference on only about20 per centof them.

Title:How to Manage in a Flat World ePub eBook
Author:Susan Bloch, Philip Whiteley
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2013-07-25


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