How To Monetize Any Product And Create Lots Of Income Streams

How To Monetize Any Product And Create Lots Of Income Streams

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What is monetization? How are people doing it? Monetization means making money out of ordinary things, in unexpected ways. It is not about any producta€™s worth. It is about your ability to see the worth of something and your attempt to bring about the monetary value of it. There are several things that we can make money out of. Some people are monetizing a lot of assorted things that are not usually considered money-worthy and are able to sell them for a tidy sum. Some people are making money out of special talents that they have. In these difficult times, we must all be very conscious of monetizing. Our regular jobs pay us, but when economic conditions are unreliable, we cannot afford to be content with just that. If we play our cards well, we can actually generate streams of passive income through things we set up once and enjoy the influx of money for our lifetime. In this book, you will learn how to go about monetizing things. Here, you are going to see various methods in which you can build streams of income for yourself, out of things that you never felt you could make money from.The Ultimate Guide To Monetizing And How To Find Niches, How To Find Places To Sell Online, How To Market A Product And Build Streams Of Income For A Lifetime Of Money-Making John G. Fuller. Chapter 5: Goodwill Hunting and Finding Niches ... One of the best ways to do that on the Internet is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Chances are that you will already have aanbsp;...

Title:How To Monetize Any Product And Create Lots Of Income Streams
Author:John G. Fuller
Publisher:KMSPublishing -


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