How to Patent Your Idea and Not Get Screwed 101

How to Patent Your Idea and Not Get Screwed 101

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Got a Great Idea? Don't trust Those 1-800 Patent Idea Companies? Do You Think it's to Costly to Hire a Patent Attorney, Let Alone Buy the Patent itself? Hi, My Name is Dr.FREDERICK SAWAYA M.D.I am a retired medical doctor with general surgery training. I have 30 years experience in emergency work. I'm also a six time patent holder and seller of four national products. I have patented and sold a medical hospital safety device, household safety devices, gun safety devices, and am selling telecommunication device patent. The book is based on personal successes and failures not on theory. This is a qI did it myself cookbookq not a qfill out a patent formq book. The book will lead you through the patent process from A to Z with the minimal amount of time and money. Then qHow to Patent your Idea and Not Get Screwedq is for you. It's Broken up in a easy to ready QaA Session from how to get a patent pending for as little a $99 to Getting law student to help you with filing your Paperwork for free or a school least credit. This Book will save you Thousands of dollars that I already spent so my hard work and expensive research is your gain.Remember 98% of patents are never brought to market so there are a lot of patents out there to be used. ... This can cost anywhere from $2, 000.00 for a simple plan to as much as $35, 000.00 for a more complex plan. Also, some ... Let the buyer company foot the bill, they will if they want or like your patent. Also ... It is an outline of the product, its potential, its competition, and its expected profits over the first five years (Question for additional information on developing a business plan).

Title:How to Patent Your Idea and Not Get Screwed 101
Author:Frederick SAWAYA
Publisher:damd publishing - 2011-01-14


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