How to Prepare for the CAHSEE-English Language Arts

How to Prepare for the CAHSEE-English Language Arts

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California high school students and teachers will find in-depth preparation in this manual for the statewide English Language Arts Exam. Detailed review chapters cover all exam topics and include a short quiz to test students' command of each chapter's content. The topics are: Word analysis, fluency, and systematic vocabulary development in three progressive sections; reading comprehension in two sections; literary response and analysis in two sections; written and oral language conventions in two sections; writing strategies; and writing applications, the last dealing with different approaches to writing essays for different purposes. A full-length double-session practice exam is presented, complete with answers and a scoring guide to its literary response question.Did you know that hummingbirds can fly forward, backwards, up. down, sideways , or hover in midair? This is one of ... These tiny birds use their bills and claws as weapons to get the food they need. They are extremely territorial. Eating roughly two thirds of its body weight in food every day. the hummingbird enjoys eating gnats, spiders, sapsuckers, pollen, and the nectar of flowers. ... After reading this article, it is easy to understand why the author is such a hummingbird enthusiast.

Title:How to Prepare for the CAHSEE-English Language Arts
Author:Christina Lacie
Publisher:Barron's Educational Series - 2003


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