How To Re-design Yourself

How To Re-design Yourself

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How to Re-design Yourself is a book of how to design yourself so that you like you. It is based on true life events that Suzanne Hanson has lived and shows real life examples of some of the shitty things that happen in life and how to take the worst experiences and turn them into a blue print plan to re-design and discover who you are really meant to be. The exercises in this book are the tools that Suzanne used to find out and apply who she really is and can help you find out who you really are, who you are meant to be and how to live a life that you design. This book is designed to get you to take action and get the life you want. When you have been hit by life and all your dreams and hopes have been shattered, When youa€™re whole belief system has broken down, When the tunnel ahead looks dark, Do not give up yet! Pick up this book and read it. This could be the book that changes your life! I realize that I cana€™t help everyone and as you read this some of you will think of me as a genius while others may question my ways, but if it can help at least a few of you if not many I will have done my job as an author and have completed one of the chapters in my own personal life book future.When she presses her lips together, which she has a habit of doing, her little cheekbones pop out and almost flush a rosy pink. She keeps her head tilted down most of the time, but her eyes look up in a flirty shyness that would make anyoneanbsp;...

Title:How To Re-design Yourself
Author:Suzanne Hanson
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2009-05-30


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