How to Remember Equations and Formulae

How to Remember Equations and Formulae

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At last! The book that all maths and physics students have been waiting for - qHow To Remember Equations And Formulaeq a€œIf you need to remember formulae of any length, for study or work, and youa€™d like your hand held while you master this skill effortlessly in a fun way, you should buy this book today.a€ Amanda Ollier, author of the Self Help Bible and The Mindset Shift Never forget an equation or formula ever again Save time in exams, get the results you really deserve Impress your tutors and potential employers Stand out against others in the job market Enhance your earning potential Perfect for anyone studying or teaching maths, physics, accountancy, economics, engineering or the sciences, from A levels right through to postgraduate. What the experts say... a€œThis is an outstanding and comprehensive book that delivers on every promise! All memory strategies including mind mapping and the journey system are here for you to depend on and youa€™ll quickly realize this is your most treasured memory resource.a€ Pat Wyman, founder and author, Amazing Grades a€œI am delighted to recommend this book to students. Phila€™s and Jamesa€™ work is based on a sound application of the fundamental principles of memory training, namely the use of imagination, association, and location.a€ Dominic Oa€™Brien, Eight times World Memory Champion, Author and Media Personality a€œExplains the techniques in a beautifully simple and eloquent manner.a€ David Thomas GMM. International speaker, Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author, media personality a€œWhat James Smith and Phil Chambers offer their readers here is a thoroughly researched and simple system, which combines mnemonics and mind mapping in a unique and interesting way. As well as covering just about every mathematical equation you can think of, James and Phil offer solutions for the English, Greek and Roman alphabets and all with a splash of humour and encouraging examples to get you started. I wish this has existed when I was at school, I will certainly be introducing this to my students and I am confident their results will improve as a direct result.a€ Amanda Ollier, author of The Self Help Bible and The Mindset ShiftHaving read various books 0 memory, including Dominic Oa#39;Briena#39;s How to Develop a Perfect Memory, I decided to adapt mnemonl principles to mathematics. After graduating, I produced a small booklet and sold photocopies. Jame Smithanbsp;...

Title:How to Remember Equations and Formulae
Author:Phil Chambers, James Smith
Publisher:LTL Training Ltd - 2013-08-22


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