How to Sell on Craigslist

How to Sell on Craigslist

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table of contents:PrefaceA Craigslist LifeLet's Get StartedThe RulesPosting Great AdsPart I: Save Money-The FREE StuffFun1. How to get FREE circus, concert, or sporting event tickets2. How to eat out every night for FREE3. How to dress sharp for FREE and make money while doingit4. How to get yourself in better shape for FREE5. How to find FREE activities to do with the kids6. How to date for FREE7. How to get regular massages for FREE8. How to get a FREE vacation in your hometownTravel9. How to fly for FREE10. Bonus: How to fly around the world for FREE11. How to drive cross-country for FREE12. Bonus: How to get a car or RV to drive cross-country forFREE13. How to get FREE timeshare trips and goodies14. How to take a cruise, deep-sea fishing trip, ski trip, or othervacation for FREE15. How to get FREE Disneyland or Disneyworld trips16. How to ship a vehicle for FREEHousing17. How to buy a house after foreclosure or bankruptcy (or withbad credit)18. How to rent a house or apartment after you've lost yourhome (or with bad credit)19. How to improve your credit for FREE20. How to get your mortgage paid for FREE21. How to rent a house for FREE22. How to rent an apartment for FREE23. How to move house cheap24. How to get rid of stuff for FREE25. Bonus: How to get yard junk cleared out for FREE26. How to get a live-in housekeeper or nanny for FREE27. How to get a housecleaner for FREE28. Bonus: How to get your place cleaned cheapPart II: Make Money-The Business StuffThe Basics1. How to land a six-figure job2. How to raise capital or borrow money to fund your business3. How to start or buy a business or franchise4. How to make money selling vouchers and frequent flyermiles5. How to make money selling other people's stuffReal Estate6. How to build a real estate referral business7. How to flip houses for profit8. How to close RE transactions9. How to make more profit as a homebuilder10. How to make a business of moveout/cleanoutVehicles11. How to buy a great car or truck with no money down andany credit12. How to sell your upside down car with no money out ofpocket13. How to buy and sell cars for profit14. How to start a car lot (and generate great income) with nomoney down15. How to make a business out of shipping vehicles16. How to make money advertising car dealers' inventory17. How to get new financing on a vehicle with any credit18. How to get your car fixed for cheap and make money off your mechanicIn ClosingAcknowledgmentstable of contents:PrefaceA Craigslist LifeLeta#39;s Get StartedThe RulesPosting Great AdsPart I: Save Money-The FREE StuffFun1.

Title:How to Sell on Craigslist
Author:Ryan Hightower
Publisher: - 2011-06-13


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