How To Solve Organic Reaction Mechanisms

How To Solve Organic Reaction Mechanisms

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How To Solve Organic Reaction Mechanisms: A Stepwise Approach is an upgraded and much-expanded sequel to the bestselling text Reaction Mechanisms at a Glance. This book takes a unique approach to show that a general problem-solving strategy is applicable to many of the common reactions of organic chemistry, demonstrating that logical and stepwise reasoning, in combination with a good understanding of the fundamentals, is a powerful tool to apply to the solution of problems. Sub-divided by functional group, the book uses a check-list approach to problem-solving using mechanistic organic chemistry as its basis. Each mechanistic problem is presented as a two-page spread; the left-hand page introduces the problem and provides a stepwise procedure for working through the reaction mechanisms, with helpful hints about the underlying chemistry. The right-hand page contains the full worked solution and summary. This revised edition includes the following updates: a€c A new chapter which applies the problem solving strategy to ligand coupling reactions using transition metals a€c Much-expanded set of fully worked problems a€c Over 40 further problems (with answers for tutors) for use in tutorials How To Solve Organic Reaction Mechanisms: A Stepwise Approach is an essential workbook for all students studying organic chemistry, and a useful aide for teachers of undergraduate organic chemistry to use in their tutorials.Allylic chlorides are very susceptible tonucleophilic substitution reactions, which can be either by an SN1 or SN2 mechanism, ... Work through the mechanism leading to the intermediate product. ... resonance stabilised allyl cation; this is intercepted by hydroxide, which, after deprotonation, gives the allyl alcohol product.

Title:How To Solve Organic Reaction Mechanisms
Author:Mark G. Moloney
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-01-14


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