How to Start Your Own Religion

How to Start Your Own Religion

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Yes, world domination and eternal adoration can be yours! qThe way to make a million dollars is to start a religion.q a€”Attributed to L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology Wouldn't you like to control countless worshippers with a single word? To call forth bountiful offerings of gold and silver? Wouldn't you love to make your acolytes bow in awe of your greatness? Starting a new religion can be fun and profitable. You'll laugh along with Philip Athans (founder, leader, and sole member of the Church of Phil), as he shows you how to: Gather the flock and keep 'em coming back for more Organize mysterious and complex rituals Interrogate (or just ridicule) the hell out of nonbelievers Recruit celebrity spokespeople, from Tom Cruise to Uma Thurman If you've ever felt the need to sacrifice on an altar beneath a blood-red moon, or just make Friday a holy day (three-day weekend, anyone?), this is the only sacred creed you need. Live long and prosper.Form a Church, Gain Followers, Become Tax-Exempt, and Sway the Minds of Millions in Five Easy Steps Philip Athans ... If you can get a teenage girl to throw her cell phone in the font, you know youa#39;ve got her for good. ... Animal Sacrifice There arena#39;t a lot of extant religions that still practice animal sac- rifices, but in one landmark case the United States Supreme Court decided in favor of animal sacrificeanbsp;...

Title:How to Start Your Own Religion
Author:Philip Athans
Publisher:F+W Media, Inc. - 2012-05-18


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