How to Stop Hatin Yo Baby's Momma

How to Stop Hatin Yo Baby's Momma

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How to Stop hatin Yo Baby's Momma (A Spiritual and Emotional Guide for Non-Custodial Fathers) is a book designed to help men and women get through their personal conflicts with each other so that each parent can make a positive impact in their child's life. The book addresses many common themes associated with the problems of being a non-custodial parent, i.e. feelings of loss and seperation from ones children, feelings of victimization by the judicial system, feelings of anger toward the custodial parent, and issues surrounding visitation and child support. Written in a conversational style, the books leads parents on an personal inner journey to help them examine their own feelings and behaviors that lead to the break up of their relationship, and how these feelings and behavior, if not dealt with, can damage their own emotional health as well as the emotional health of their children.They give those of us who are tying to take care of our responsibilities a bad name. Nevertheless, the fact remains that child support guidelines seem to favor the custodial parent while the non-custodial parental contribution has been relegated to that of a ... does not mean that men earning a good income are exempt from the hardships and negative feelings associated with high support payments.

Title:How to Stop Hatin Yo Baby's Momma
Author:Larry E. Coleman
Publisher:Crowner-Coleman Publishing - 2007


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