How to Think About Algorithms

How to Think About Algorithms

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This textbook, for second- or third-year students of computer science, presents insights, notations, and analogies to help them describe and think about algorithms like an expert, without grinding through lots of formal proof. Solutions to many problems are provided to let students check their progress, while class-tested PowerPoint slides are on the web for anyone running the course. By looking at both the big picture and easy step-by-step methods for developing algorithms, the author guides students around the common pitfalls. He stresses paradigms such as loop invariants and recursion to unify a huge range of algorithms into a few meta-algorithms. The book fosters a deeper understanding of how and why each algorithm works. These insights are presented in a careful and clear way, helping students to think abstractly and preparing them for creating their own innovative ways to solve problems.Do not worry about how your friends solve the subinstances that you assigned them. Similarly, do not worry about whoever gave you your instance and what he does with your answer. Leave these things up to him. Trust your friends. Use It: Ianbsp;...

Title:How to Think About Algorithms
Author:Jeff Edmonds
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2008-05-19


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