How To Watch Television

How To Watch Television

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We all have opinions about the television shows we watch, but television criticism is about much more than simply evaluating the merits of a particular show and deeming it a€˜gooda€™ or a€˜bad.a€™ Rather, criticism uses the close examination of a television program to explore that programa€™s cultural significance, creative strategies, and its place in a broader social context. How to Watch Television brings together forty original essays from todaya€™s leading scholars on television culture, writing about the programs they care (and think) the most about. Each essay focuses on a particular television show, demonstrating one way to read the program and, through it, our media culture. The essays model how to practice media criticism in accessible language, providing critical insights through analysisa€”suggesting a way of looking at TV that students and interested viewers might emulate. The contributors discuss a wide range of television programs past and present, covering many formats and genres, spanning fiction and non-fiction, broadcast and cable, providing a broad representation of the programs that are likely to be covered in a media studies course. While the book primarily focuses on American television, important programs with international origins and transnational circulation are also covered. Addressing television series from the mediuma€™s earliest days to contemporary online transformations of television, How to Watch Television is designed to engender classroom discussion among television critics of all backgrounds. Read: Introduction / Table of Contents / Sample Essays Online View: Clips from the Essays Visit the Facebook page.Ownera#39;s. Manual. for. Television. ETHAN THOMPSON AND IASON MITTELL Imagine that you just purchased a brand new ... rest assured that, in many cases, they would disagree vehemently about the merits of one TV show versus another.

Title:How To Watch Television
Author:Jason Mittell
Publisher:NYU Press - 2013-09-16


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