How to win games and beat people

How to win games and beat people

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Are you fed up losing at family board game nights? Do you want to learn how to destroy the competition? Get the inside tips from preposterously overqualified experts on how to win a range of common family games, board games and more. * A mime artist tells you how to do the best charades * A mathematician tells you how to win Connect 4 * A professional racing driver tells you how to take corners in Scalextric * A Scrabble champion reveals his secrets * A game theorist tells you what properties to buy in Monopoly in order to bankrupt and embarrass your competitors. This is a must read for anyone who takes games too seriously and for bad losers everywhere.a#39;I suppose, a#39; he argues, a#39;it all depends how badly you want to win.a#39; The reason snails need to be wet is that they get around by using slime. A study in 2013 followed a group of snails around a garden for three days, mapping their activity.

Title:How to win games and beat people
Author:Tom Whipple
Publisher:Random House - 2015-09-10


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