How to Woo a Jew

How to Woo a Jew

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Have you been single longer than the Jews wandered the desert? Or are you newly single and hoping to hook up with a hot MOT*? Either way, Tamar Caspi is on a mission to help you find your Chosen One... and who better to do that than the advice columnist from the massively popular dating site In How to Woo a Jew, your very own Jewish Carrie Bradshaw takes you through each facet of the dating worlda€”from traditional Jewish matchmaking and mixers to modern online dating portals, from honing your Jewdar to kosher sex. Whatever mishegas youa€™ve made of your love life, Caspi has words of wisdoma€”and a few enlightening quizzes, charts, and illustrationsa€”to help you find your Jewish soul mate. *Member of the TribeBoth parties must, must, must make eye contact and smile for a minimum of three secondsa€”five is even better. Countdown inyour head if youhave to, but dona#39;t look away toosoon! Make eye contact, holdit, and smile. Turn your body toward youranbsp;...

Title:How to Woo a Jew
Author:Tamar Caspi
Publisher:Perseus Books Group - 2014-01-02


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