How We Played

How We Played

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Games make up a huge part of childhood, and memories of specific games stay with us throughout our lives. They form an integral part of growing up and stimulate imagination and creativity. From hide and seek to complex card and board games, street games that require no equipment to elaborate rainy day amusements, we all have experience of entertaining ourselves as children. In this fascinating trip down memory lane, former curator of dolls and games at the VaA Museum Caroline Goodfellow explores the history of childhood games and how they have changed from ancient times to the modern day. From ancient board games to chiildhood pastimes of the Middle Ages through to the street games of the 1950s and 1960s and the experience of children in the current decade, she delves into the differences in games over time and region.A button is in the first playera#39;s hands and passed around or not as the player decides by placing his hands over the hands ... 2 The authors of the descriptions neededto explain why Alexandria was included when itwas not a British Dominion.

Title:How We Played
Author:Caroline Goodfellow
Publisher:The History Press - 2012-08-31


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