Howtoons: (Re)Ignition Vol. 1

Howtoons: (Re)Ignition Vol. 1

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HOWTOONS returns with an all-new sci-fi DIY adventure! Celine and Tuck's parents put them to sleep for centuries to ride out the energy crisis -- but when they awake in the far future and Mom and Dad are missing, it's the kids who have to save the day! Celine and Tuck must explore a strange new Earth using their gadgeteering skills to create projects and experiments to survive hostile tribes and bizarre mechanized threats -- projects and experiments kids and parents can make themselves at home, and learn basic energy literacy at the same time! Collects HOWTOONS: [RE] IGNITION #1-5 plus backup strips/projects by series originators EAST OF WEST artist NICK DRAGOTTA and MacArthur Grant winner SAUL GRIFFITH.It is a aScinating journey to figure out how much energy all the adtivities in your life use, and in turn. ... If you use 1 joule in 1 Sedond, 1 Walt of power was required 100 joules in 1 Second is 100 Watts, it takes your body about 100 Watts to keep you living ... Such as driving to SChool Or taking a ShoWer. ... One of the most frequent and large uses of energy for heat that We all use is Our hot Shower . ... So not only do Shorter Showers Save Water, but they Save a huge amount of energy.

Title:Howtoons: (Re)Ignition Vol. 1
Author:Fred Van Lente
Publisher:Image Comics - 2015-02-25


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