Hug - Human User Guide

Hug - Human User Guide

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HUG - Human User Guide is the manual that has been created to finally answer the Big Questions: who are you, why are you here, and what the heck is going on in the planet? HUG is a handy reference guide for all Human Operatives that clears the air of all the confusion regarding religion/spirituality, helps you understand the fact that everyone and everything is simply rendered output from the Earth3000 Server (a massive quantum computer), and that a wholesale software upgrade is looming in the very near future. HUG goes on to describe the Mega-Patterns of HOE (Heaven on Earth3000), which are high-level descriptors of life on the planet after the software upgrades have taken place. Topics include Technology, Economics, Governance, Culture, Health, Education, Religion and Ideology. Join seasoned technology writer Chris Dollard in his amusing romp through the illusions of reality and what really lies at the center of our bizarre Human Experience.The activation of the SP within the physical matrix, or rather the incorporation of the physical matrix within the SP, will ... the principles of the internal combustion engine to a you, considering you were a Celtic warlord circa 350 A.D. It is simply anbsp;...

Title:Hug - Human User Guide
Author:Chris Dollard - 2005-10-01


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