Hugh Gives You (TM) 4 Fantastic Fitness/Fat Loss Methods To Use!

Hugh Gives You (TM) 4 Fantastic Fitness/Fat Loss Methods To Use!

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Do you want to hit fitness personal bests? Or lose lots of fat? Or both? Are you a smoker, a drinker, or a junk food junkie? Are you new to fitness, or coming back to it after lounging, lazing, and lolling for years? No matter. With the four methods in this book, personified and proofed with peccadilloes, pictures and details galore, you, male or female, can boost your self image, lower your body fat and get your life back in as little as 50 days, 6 months, one year, or three. And you dona€™t have to take the nine long years of arduously testing these methods. That guinea pig deal was done by me. And you get the benefit. While you are shaping up, marvel at worldwide fitness exploits and shudder at global trends in obesity, knowing that no matter what may be out-of-this-world-cool, or out-of-this-world-catastrophic, you have begun to assert control over your life, leaving you confident, but not complacent. And, finally, discover, as if you didna€™t know, the beast and beauty in all of us, wrapped in that enigma that is the human condition. So come on in: the new you awaits.A look at his profile on has his weight at 375 pounds . A possible ... On their official Web site, the coaches talk of helping the boys grow a€œ...not only intellectually but also physically, spiritually, culturally and socially.

Title:Hugh Gives You (TM) 4 Fantastic Fitness/Fat Loss Methods To Use!
Author:Hugh Esling
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2014-03-26


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