Human-Computer Systems Interaction

Human-Computer Systems Interaction

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For the last decades, as the computer technology has been developing, the importance of human-computer systems interaction problems was growing. This is not only because the computer systems performance characteristics have been im-proved but also due to the growing number of computer users and of their expectations about general computer systems capabilities as universal tools for human work and life facilitation. The early technological problems of man-computer information exchange a€“ which led to a progress in computer programming languages and input/output devices construction a€“ have been step by step dominated by the more general ones of human interaction with-and-through computer systems, shortly denoted as H-CSI problems. The interest of scientists and of any sort specialists to the H-CSI problems is very high as it follows from an increasing number of scientific conferences and publications devoted to these topics. The present book contains selected papers concerning various aspects of H-CSI. They have been grouped into five Parts: I. General H-CSI problems (7 papers), II. Disabled persons helping and medical H-CSI applications (9 papers), III. Psychological and linguistic H-CSI aspects (9 papers), IV. Robots and training systems (8 papers), V. Various H-CSI applications (11 papers).... A.J., Young, A.W.: Emotion perception from dynamic and static body expressions in point-light and full-light displays. ... 1703a€“1709 (2005) Honda, S., Fukui, K.-I., Moriyama, K., Kurihara, S., Numao, M.: Extracting human behaviors withanbsp;...

Title:Human-Computer Systems Interaction
Author:Zdzislaw S. Hippe, Juliusz Lech Kulikowski
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-10-13


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