Hummingbirds For Kids

Hummingbirds For Kids

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Table of Contents Introduction What is a hummingbird? What kinds of hummingbirds are there? Where do hummingbirds live? The history of hummingbirds and humans Annaa€™s hummingbird Blue-throated mountaingem Broad-tailed hummingbird Xantusa€™s hummingbird White-chested emerald Rufous-tailed hummingbird Bee hummingbird Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Hummingbirds have fascinated humans from early ages. They were an important part of Aztec culture, for example, and it also appears on Trinidad and Tobagoa€™s one cent coin. For a very long time, it was only known in its native area by the native people. As Europeans discovered them, they found them intriguing, not sure how they stayed up in the air. Hummingbirds even became part of fashion in the 19th century or so. Hummingbirds are very pretty little creatures, and this inspired many people to use them in their fashion, art, and economy. But what exactly is a hummingbird? And how do they live? These are questions that can be easily answered with a little reading.They are called hummingbirds for the humming sound their wings make. They have to consume a lot of food during the day; hummingbirds are nectarivores, which means they survive on nectar. ... hummingbirds focus on are red, orange, and pink, and this color range is a narrow one that many bugs dona#39;t notice as easily.

Title:Hummingbirds For Kids
Author:Rachel Smith, John Davidson
Publisher:Mendon Cottage Books - 2015-09-06


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