Hummingbirds Journey To God: Perspective

Hummingbirds Journey To God: Perspective

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San Pedro, a visionary and hallucinogenic brew derived from the mescaline-based Trichocereus pachanoi or 'cactus of vision', is one of Perua€™s most important and powerful teacher plants. For thousands of years this brew has been drunk by spiritual seekers and those who need healing, and has cured a wide variety of physical problems, including cancer, diabetes, paralysis and pneumonia, and emotional and psychological issues such as alcoholism, heartbreak and grief. Those who work with it say San Pedro brings us closer to God. There has been no book specifically written about the shamanic use of San Pedroa€buntil now. This important volume is therefore a first of its kind. In it, Ross Heaven looks at the healing and ceremonial usage of San Pedro, with interviews and case studies from shamans and participants who offer their remarkable stories of instant cures and spiritual insights.In the ceremonies I had attended with him some years ago, he had first given me another plant to drink, a contrachisa ... which is designed to cleanse the body spiritually and change onea#39;s luck, but which is very much an acquired taste, to say the least. He had also beaten me and his other participants with wooden sticks called chonta and a#39;batheda#39; us in holy water and ... that I and Juana#39;s other participants could not fully relax and allow the plant to do its work so the visions could unfold.

Title:Hummingbirds Journey To God: Perspective
Author:Ross Heaven
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing - 2010-05-11


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