Hungering for America

Hungering for America

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Millions of immigrants were drawn to American shores, not by the mythic streets paved with gold, but rather by its tables heaped with food. How they experienced the realities of America's abundant food--its meat and white bread, its butter and cheese, fruits and vegetables, coffee and beer--reflected their earlier deprivations and shaped their ethnic practices in the new land. qHungering for Americaq tells the stories of three distinctive groups and their unique culinary dramas. Italian immigrants transformed the food of their upper classes and of sacred days into a generic qItalianq food that inspired community pride and cohesion. Irish immigrants, in contrast, loath to mimic the foodways of the Protestant British elite, diminished food as a marker of ethnicity. And, East European Jews, who venerated food as the vital center around which family and religious practice gathered, found that dietary restrictions jarred with America's boundless choices. These tales, of immigrants in their old worlds and in the new, demonstrate the role of hunger in driving migration and the significance of food in cementing ethnic identity and community. Hasia Diner confirms the well-worn adage, qTell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.qing of potatoes and grains, Irish deaance of British monopolies and taxation policies, the evolution of village pubs as male ... people to secure an economic safety net, some small farmers distilled grain to make poitin (in English, poteen).

Title:Hungering for America
Author:Hasia R. DINER, Hasia R Diner
Publisher:Harvard University Press - 2009-06-30


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