Hungry for Paris (second edition)

Hungry for Paris (second edition)

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If youa€™re passionate about eating well, you couldna€™t ask for a better travel companion than Alexander Lobranoa€™s charming, friendly, and authoritative Hungry for Paris, the fully revised and updated guide to this renowned culinary scene. Having written about Paris for almost every major food and travel magazine since moving there in 1986, Lobrano shares his personal selection of the citya€™s best restaurants, from bistros featuring the hottest young chefs to the secret spots Parisians love. In lively prose that is not only informative but a pleasure to read, Lobrano reveals the ambience, clientele, history, and most delicious dishes of each establishmenta€”alongside helpful maps and beautiful photographs that will surely whet your appetite for Paris. Praise for Hungry for Paris a€œHungry for Paris is required reading and features [Alexander Lobranoa€™s] favorite 109 restaurants reviewed in a fun and witty way. . . . A native of Boston, Lobrano moved to Paris in 1986 and never looked back. He served as the European correspondent for Gourmet from 1999 until it closed in 2009 (also known as the greatest job ever that will never be a job again). . . . He also updates his website frequently with restaurant reviews, all letter graded.a€a€”Food Republic a€œWritten with . . . flair and . . . acerbity is the new, second edition of Alexander Lobranoa€™s Hungry for Paris, which includes rigorous reviews of what the author considers to be the citya€™s 109 best restaurants [and] a helpful list of famous Parisian restaurants to be avoided.a€a€”The Wall Street Journal a€œA wonderful guide to eating in Paris.a€a€”Alice Waters a€œNobody else has such an intimate knowledge of what is going on in the Paris food world right this minute. Happily, Alexander Lobrano has written it all down in this wonderful book.a€a€”Ruth Reichl a€œDelightful . . . the sort of guide you read before you go to Parisa€”to get in the mood and pick up a few tips, a little style.a€a€”Los Angeles Times a€œNo one is a€˜on the grounda€™ in Paris more than Alec Lobrano. . . . This book will certainly make you hungry for Paris. But even if you arena€™t in Paris, his tales of French dining will seduce you into feeling like you are here, sitting in your favorite bistro or sharing a carafe of wine with a witty friend at a neighborhood hotspot.a€a€”David Lebovitz, author of The Sweet Life in Paris a€œHungry for Paris is like a cozy bistro on a chilly day: It makes you feel welcome.a€a€”The Washington Post a€œThis book will make readers more than merely hungry for the culinary riches of Paris; it will make them ravenous for a dining companion with Monsieur Lobranoa€™s particular warmth, wry charm, and refreshingly pure joie de vivre.a€a€”Julia Glass a€œ[Lobrano is] a wonderful man and writer who might know more about Paris restaurants than any other person Ia€™ve ever met.a€a€”Elissa Altman, author of Poor Mana€™s Feast From the Trade Paperback edition.The Ultimate Guide to the Citya#39;s 109 Best Restaurants Alexander Lobrano. enough for a bed, a miniature living room with a working fireplace, a dining room cum office, a hobbita#39;s kitchen, and a bathroom with a coffin-sized tub blazed with blueanbsp;...

Title:Hungry for Paris (second edition)
Author:Alexander Lobrano
Publisher:Random House - 2014-04-15


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