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After the Singularity, everyone and everything is sentient and telepathic. Aliens notice and invade Earth. In Rucker's last novel, Postsingular, the Singularity happened and life on Earth was transformed by the awakening of all matter into consciousness and into telepathic communication. The most intimate moments of your life can be experienced by anyone who cares to pay attention, or by hundreds of thousands of anyones if you are one of the Founders who helped create the Singularity. The small bunch of Founders, including young newlyweds Thuy, a hypertext novelist, and Jayjay, a gamer and brain-enhancement addict, are living a popular, live-action media life. But now alien races that have already gone through this transformation notice Earth for the first time, and begin to arrive to exploit both the new environment and any available humans. Some of them are real estate developers, some are slavers, and some just want to help. But how to tell the difference? Someone has to save humanity from the alien invasions, and it might as well be reality media stars Thuy and Jayjay.But with a dozen of our friends pitching in, for sure we can move our little house here from San Francisco. Wea#39;ll build the foundation today, and this eveninga€” alley-oop!a€”we drop our cozy nest into place. Housewarming party!a€ Theya#39;d alreadyanbsp;...

Author:Rudy Rucker
Publisher:Macmillan - 2009-05-26


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