I-35 - A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I-35 - A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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Allan Goodrich found himself trapped in a trap of his own making. Greta, his wife, was having an affair with his boss, and Allan could find no way out of his personal mess. But fate, circumstance, chance, luck and location came to play that fateful day, August 1, 2007, when the bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed. Allan suddenly found himself in a position to escape life, marriage, and more. All it took was nerve, daring and opportunity. However, in doing so, Allan found that without an identity, he was once more back in another trap, this one with even more potentially dangerous consequences.George G. Motz. Linda and myself two a#39;scratch-offa#39; tickets when we went to the movies. I forgot they were in the truck until this morning. We won five hundred dollars. I just collected on it before I came here. At least they didna#39;t get that money too!

Title:I-35 - A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Author:George G. Motz
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2009-03-11


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